Foods & Supplies

At US Foods®, we’ve thought a lot about how we can make a positive impact in the food industry and in our communities. It is our goal to become leaders in sustainable and local sourcing, so we’ve committed to meeting certified standards in more of our products, empowering our customers to serve delicious foods while helping to build a better tomorrow.

We believe it’s important to reconnect diners to their food, to create a more transparent dining experience that doesn’t compromise quality. So we’re working to close the gap between how food is grown and how much the end consumer knows about it. And we’re partnering with our suppliers to develop and source products more responsibly – not only to do our part for future generations, but also to satisfy the growing demands of current diners. This initiative is supported by three main pillars:

In 2016, we launched Serve Good™ a program exclusively featuring products that are responsibly sourced or contribute to waste reduction.

As a broadline distributor, we take seriously our role in delivering products as efficiently and responsibly as possible.

To help reduce the adverse effects of palm oil production, we’ve partnered with a leading certifier to find and verify sustainable resources.

By removing certain ingredients from some of our finest products, we are creating simpler, more-transparently produced food.