Tipping Point


Tipping Point

Get your servers engaged to raise profits

US Foods® Tipping Point™ program is designed with servers in mind – to help with specific sales techniques that increase check averages and overall tips. When servers become more powerful sellers, restaurant profits also increase. We’ll equip you with the tools to make it easy.

When you invest in your servers, you invest in your restaurant:

Guests who are highly satisfied with restaurant service are 3 TIMES MORE LIKELY to return.
*OSAT/SME survey, Hard Rock International


Four Advantages Server Training Can Create
In one month, I saw a 144% increase in dessert sales. It’s great to see US Foods offer a program that helps restaurateurs be successful in their sales...”
US Foods Tipping Point Program Kit

We have server training basics all figured out for you! Key program training materials such as the Operator & Restaurant Manager Reference Guide and the Pre-Shift Planner will provide you with the fundamentals server training.  

Like Scoop? If you like our Scoop products, you’ll love Tipping Point! We have Tipping Point material that directly supports select Scoop products.  Point of sale support material such as table tents, posters, and more is simply a few clicks away. And even if you don’t purchase Scoop products, you can simply use the training material basics!

To learn more, visit www.usftippingpoint.com or ask your US Foods Sales Representative for details.